Hwanhee Park
Hwanhee Park
Year: Fr.
Hometown: Cumberland, Maine
High School: Greely
Events: Free,Fly,IM
Club: Portland Porpoises Swim Club

Getting to know Hwanhee



I want to study abroad in:

 Either Germany or Scotland because of the history and beautiful views the countries will give me.


My favorite TV show is:

 Friends, hands down. My little sister and I watch the whole show every summer and it has become a tradition in my family. Plus, I love the relationship the characters have with one another, it reminds me of me and my friends!


My summer job/experience was:

 Teaching swim lessons to underprivileged kids in my city, it was a beautiful experience and one that I've taken away many memories from.


The thing that attracted me to Brandeis was:

 The genuine people I met while visiting the university. Brandeis is home to the most awesome, caring, competitive, and dedicated athletes/students you will ever meet!