Brandeis Athletics COVID-19 Updates

Brandeis Athletics Covid-19 Updates

In unprecedented times, the Brandeis University Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation will continue to provide the latest updates for the Athletics community. Below, student-athletes, alumni, staff, faculty and fans can access up-to-date information regarding adjustments to athletic activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brandeis University is planning for a safe, in-person return for Fall 2021. All students, faculty and staff are required to submit documentation of their COVD-19 vaccine or to receive a medical or religious exemption to access campus. Specific masking and socially distancing policies will remain in place for both vaccinated and unvaccinated community members. All policies are subject to change based upon public health guidance at any time.

Please check the University's COVID-19 Response page for the most up-to-date University policies.



Brandeis policies will follow CDC guidance with regard to mask wearing. Currently, vaccinated individuals must wear a mask in public indoor settings (when not eating or drinking). Therefore, Masks must be worn in Gosman at all times, regardless of the type of physical activity or distance from others. This applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.  We realize wearing a mask may make some activities difficult due to level of exertion. However, the health and safety of our campus must take priority.
Mask guidelines apply to all gym users, with the following exceptions: 
  • Formal varsity practices and competitions supervised by coaching staff
  • Strength and conditioning sessions supervised by athletics staff
  • Group fitness classes directed by a fitness instructor
  • Swimmers may remove masks before entering the water. Masks must be worn on the pool deck but may be removed for eating and drinking.  
Please visit the Facility Policies Page for full facility guidelines.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Brandeis Athletics will make every effort to provide safe competitive opportunities for our varsity athletes during the 2021-22 academic year. In May, the UAA announced intent to return to competition in the fall of 2021, which was affirmed by member institutions and the UAA Presidents Council. In addition to league competition, Brandeis has a full slate of non-conference games scheduled with area opponents for all varsity teams. Pending updated guidance from the CDC and the University, Brandeis intends to participate in these competitions as scheduled while following required health and safety protocols.


Brandes club sports, intramural offerings and recreational activities will be offered as normally, offering team, indiviual and group activities following all masking and socially distancing protocols. All indiviuals particpating in these activities must show a green passport when entering Gosman.

Club sports will be able to practice and compete without gathering limitaitons. Intramural sports will offer in-person individual and team competitions, with some virtual activities also available. Fitness classes will be held as normally and will include Yoga, Zumba, Cycle, and more.

For more information regarding intramural activities for this fall, visit the Intramurals Homepage. Fitness offerings will be posted on the Fitness Homepage prior to the start of the fall semester.


The Gosman Sports and Convocation Center and other athletic facilities, indoor and outdoor, are open to currently active students, faculty and staff. Students on a leave of absence and guests are not allowed to use the facilities. Memberships are also not permitted.

Before coming to Gosman, please check the website for any changes in hours or availability. Massachusetts regulations with regard to gyms are changing frequently.

Masks/face coverings and physical distancing are required. Gym users must familiarize themselves with all Gosman facility policies before entering.

All members of the community — students, faculty and staff — must present a green Campus Passport (or a blue Shabbat or digital alternative) for admission to Gosman. This means gym users must actually submit their sample prior to going to Gosman, and not just schedule their sample drop-off. They must take the Brandeis' Daily Health Assessment and provide proof of completion upon entry to the gym.

The Gosman Center hours are available at


The university is offering many of its activities-based health and wellness modules this fall. Some module courses are designed for remote learning, while others are designed for in-person instruction. All in-person module courses are subject to social distancing requirements and new safety protocols. A complete list of HWL course offerings can be found in the public schedule of classes.


We welcome your questions about how COVID-19 will affect athletics at Brandeis University during the academic year. Please be sure to read through the COVID-19 Response: What's Now, What's Next, which includes current and upcoming COVID policies for students, faculty, staff members, affiliates and visitors, as well as extensive information about testing procedure, vaccination requirements, and frequently asked questions.

If you have specific athletics-related COVID-19 questions, please feel free to send us an email at


If you are looking for ways to help Brandeis students and student-athletes out during this difficult time, please visit the Light The Way Campaign to learn more.

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