Community Therapy for Athletics

About the Program

Driven by the Brandeis Counseling Center’s mission and inspired by Brandeis’ value of community transformation, BCC Community Therapists provide free, confidential, and accessible mental health care to Brandeis’ undergraduate and graduate students. Brief, informal one-on-one meetings and engaging group workshops are the cornerstones of Community Therapy.

Community Therapists can offer strategies to strengthen mental resilience, insight and problem solving skills, as well as help determine whether additional service would be useful and, if appropriate, assist in getting connected to resources.

Meet the Therapist

Carrie Eichmann, LICSW, Staff Therapist & Community Therapist to the Athletics Department
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Carrie serves as a psychotherapist at the Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC) with specialties in sport/performance psychology and substance abuse. She was a founding member of the BCC’s Community Therapy program and has partnered with Brandeis’ Athletic Department since the program’s inception. In her role, Carrie supports all students who identify as an athlete- from gym-goers to club to varsity team members- believing everyone is worthy of having an optimal relationship with their physical and mental health. Carrie holds professional memberships with the Collegiate Clinical Sport Psychology Association and ​Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Carrie’s professional interests include sport performance, motivation, mind-body connection, healthy relationship establishment, assertive communication, identity development, emerging adulthood challenges, habit formation and reorganization, mindfulness, and substance abuse recovery. In her free time, she enjoys running, rock climbing, live music, and hunting for the perfect chocolate frappe.

Common Student-Athlete Topics

Whether it’s stress, sleep, sadness, performance, or relationship dilemmas, sharing concerns with another person can make an impactful difference. While no topic is off limits, student-athletes often seek Community Therapy to talk through the following experiences:

  • Balancing expectations of athletic and academic life
  • Change in motivation and/or concentration
  • Relationship with body, food, and substances
  • Sleep habit formation
  • Worry or overthinking
  • Change in mood
  • Supporting peers in distress
  • Communication strategies and boundary development
  • Social and family relationships
  • Transitioning into or out of sport
  • Injury recovery
  • Performance anxiety
  • Mental resilience skill training
  • Team dynamics

Team workshops are also available on the following themes and can always be customized to meet the team’s unique needs:

  • Mission & value development
  • Goal setting
  • Team building
  • Resolving performance barriers
  • Mental skills
  • Communication & conflict resolution
  • Leadership dynamics & skills
  • Resilience
  • Growth mindset
  • Redefining total wellness
  • Sleep & time management
  • Mindfulness


Gosman Community Therapy Information

Hours: Tuesdays from 9:00am - 7:00pm, or by appointment

Location: In keeping with mental health best practices, currently, one-on-one meetings are being held virtually via Zoom’s secure & confidential platform 

How to Schedule: To book a meeting with Carrie for a confidential individual session you can self-schedule via her GoogleCalendar or email her directly at 

Additional Information: Additional community-focused groups, lecturers and workshops will be offered during the academic year. See the flyer image on this page for more information about the most recent community group, Brandeis Sidelines.   

Additional Workshop Resources

The Community Therapy Team

Students are also encouraged to check out and connect with other members of the Community Therapy team. Community Therapy is a great fit for students who:

  • Are not sure about counseling and wonder what it’s like to talk with a therapist.
  • Are not interested in ongoing counseling but would like the perspective of a therapist.
  • Have a specific problem and would like someone with whom to talk it through.
  • Have a concern about a friend and want some ideas about what to do.
  • Are interested in increasing interpersonal connection or sense of belonging.
  • Would like to receive support in an environment that feels safe and comfortable.

Emergency Support & Urgent Care

Community Therapy is not intended for emergency or urgent situations. If you are seeking urgent support please call the BCC at 781-736-3730, which can also be used outside of typical business hours including nights and weekends. The BCC offers urgent care sessions daily at 11am and 3pm. If you are in a life-threatening situation please contact campus police at 781-736-3333 or 911 if located off campus.