Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker
Year: Sr.
Hometown: Wilmington, Mass.
High School: Austin Preparatory
Events: Distance Free
Club: Burbank Y Bluefins

Getting to know Andrew

My major is: Russian Studies and International Global Studies.

My favorite class at Brandeis is _________ because:  Pompeii class, because you get to examine the lives of the peoples who lived in the famous city before the eruption.

My favorite place on campus is: My two favorite places are Linsey Pool and The Stein (especially on Trivia Nights).

My summer job/experience was: Working for Boston Children's Hospital as a Russian Curator, translating information on diseases in the Russian-speaking world to English. I also worked as a teaching assistant for the Brandeis Gateway Program, teaching English to incoming Chinese Students.

My dream job is _________ because: Working as a disability rights lawyer on an international scale. I want to help make the world a more accessible place for people with disabilities.

My favorite musical artist is: The Gorillaz.